* Picture taken by Redem Kono

You can contact me to:

- book a screening (eventually with Q&A)

- read the thesis: Development Brokers in a Relocation Project in Flores A Multi-Media Thesis About Translations, Interpretations and Contestations

- give lectures and presentations in visual anthropology,  brokerage and development for conferences and classes.

- write an article for you or your journal

- make a documentary

- produce advocacy, customized employer branding videos, event videos and other multi-media products

- do research, directing, camera work and/or editing for you

- give camera and editing workshops (hands on)

- subtitle or translate your multimedia product (from and to: Dutch, German, English and Indonesian)

Also, I am active in child education:

- book participartory video projects with children

- book educational media classes

I work as a lead project manager in the social non-profit sector. I have worked with and for children and adults. My areas of expertise are project and process management, agile methods, participation processes, empowerment,  participartory media workshops and education, content creations for social media, intersectionality, diversity and inclusion.

I studied Social and Cultural Anthropology at Ludwigs-Maximilian-University in Munich, Germany, and Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Rijksuniversiteit Leiden in Leiden, The Netherlands. In my Master's studes I specialized in Visual Ethnography as a Method.

* Picture taken by Peter Nöth